The 2022 Vero Beach Christmas Parade, hosted by Vero Beach Sunrise Rotary, will be continuing the parade’s long legacy this year, with a few fun enhancements.

We are incorporating technology to make the parade more accessible for people who may not be able to attend physically. There will be HOSTS to narrate the parade, and it will be on FACEBOOK LIVE!

We are also extending this joyous season starting with “ Christmas in July!”   Santa has requested children ages 3 to 12 accompanied by their parent to FIND SANTA in Vero Beach. Monthly clues through November will be found here.

Starting in September, float entries may choose to participate in the TRIPLE SKILL BUILDING CHALLENGES. All challenges will be moderated and broadcasted on FACEBOOK LIVE for all to see. Team fans are welcome to be part of the audience to cheer their team on!

The last CHALLENGE will be in November, the Christmas Can Castle. Competitors will accumulate as many canned goods as possible. The competitors will only be limited to a certain space and height. They will be judged on the volume of canned goods, the artistic design, and the theme. After the event, all canned goods will be donated to local charities.

All event guidelines, dates, and locations can be found here.

Sunrise Rotary wants to thank the numerous businesses that are supporting the 2022 Vero Beach Christmas Parade, events, and challenges!