Scavenger Hunt:   2024 details to be announced in  September

Sunrise Rotary Vero Beach welcomes you to the most festive scavenger hunt in town!       Get ready to embark on a magical journey to find Santa Claus hidden in SIX businesses within our local community. Gather your friends and family, put on your thinking caps, and let the hunt begin!

Santa is requesting children from ages 3 to 12 years old (accompanied by parents) to FIND SANTA in Vero Beach! 

YOU will have to use your “magical capabilities and power” to solve SANTA’S CLUES to find him! If you are lucky, you will receive a gift from the generous participating business in Vero Beach! In addition, YOU will become a 2023 HONORARY SANTA’S ELF to lead the Vero Beach Christmas Parade on the SUNRISE ROTARY CHUCKWAGON, on Saturday, December 2, 2023.


1. This scavenger hunt is meant to be fun and respectful. Please be courteous to the staff and customers of the participating businesses.

2. Follow all local laws and regulations during the hunt.

3. Santa will be hidden in plain sight within the SIX businesses. No need to move or disturb any items to find them.

4.  Once you find Santa take a picture holding Santa, tag the local business, and tag Vero

Beach Christmas Parade on Facebook/Instagram. Scan the QR code for your next clue.

4. Work together as a team or compete against each other to see who finds ALL SIX Santas for an opportunity to ride on the Sunrise Rotary Chuck Wagon in the 2023 Christmas Parade.

All participating children must be chaperoned by their parents and must be respectful in entering the business without disturbing their daily clientele.


Starting Clue: TBA 

ImageLetter from Santa