Vero Beach Christmas Parade Scavenger Hunt
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Santa is requesting children from ages 3 to 12 years old (accompanied by parents) to FIND SANTA in Vero Beach! Each month, from July to November, Santa will be “hanging out” at a business until he is FOUND.

YOU will have to use your “magical capabilities and power” to solve SANTA’S CLUES to find him! If you are lucky, you will receive a gift from the generous participating business in Vero Beach! In addition, YOU will become a 2022 HONORARY SANTA’S ELF to lead the Vero Beach Christmas Parade on the SUNRISE ROTARY CHUCKWAGON, Saturday, December 3, 2022.



Every Sunday Until the Christmas Parade a NEW Clue will be posted on the Vero Beach Christmas Parade FB Page
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All participating children must be chaperoned by their parents and must be respectful in entering the business without disturbing their daily clientele.

Explain to the business this is part of the Vero Beach Christmas Parade’s “FIND SANTA”. The child must look around the business to find Santa’s picture with the Rotary Emblem on the bottom right corner.


Thank the business for the opportunity.


The child MUST state: “I FOUND SANTA!”

Parent is required to take a picture of their child with the owner/manager and the reward for finding Santa (Parent encouraged to be in picture). Send the picture to: with child’s name, parent’s name, and parent’s phone number. Entry will be based on the email date and time stamp.

Once received, the photo and child’s name will be on the Rotary Website that Santa has been found for that month.

Once a child has been given the status of a 2022 HONORARY SANTA’S ELF, they are NOT allowed to participate in the remaining months to FIND SANTA in 2022.

One parent is required to chaperone their child on the SUNRISE ROTARY CHUCKWAGON that will lead the Vero Beach Christmas Parade on December 3, 2022.

Letter from Santa